Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bowling Balls for Sale

There are tons of bowling balls for sale.

You can choose from over a hundred different varieties and customizations of bowling balls. Trying to find the right one may be extremely difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the specifications you can get and how they change to grip and handling of the bowling ball.

There are so many bowling balls for sale? What types can I get?

To understand what type of bowling balls for sale you should buy, you need to understand the different aspects of a bowling ball. They are typically made from urethane, reactive resin, plastic, or a combination of any of these three materials. There are ten-pins, five-pins, and candlepins. Ten-pin bowling balls have three finger holes, but can have up to five. Five-pin bowling balls can fit in the palm of your hand and have no finger holes. Candlepins are lighter than five-pins but also fit in the palm of your hand.

What should I look for when searching bowling balls for sale?

Some bowling balls allow you to have a customized drill fit.  You may want to look for one that isn’t cut yet. Most bowling balls range from 6- to 16-lbs, but are available up to 20 lbs. Bowling balls can be customized with different colors and even monogrammed. You can choose from a flat solid color, swirl colors, grey, iridescent, or even transparent painted to look as if something is inside.

Bowling balls also have cores. These cores are purposefully imbalanced to cause the bowling ball to attempt to stabilize as it rolls down the lane. These cores cause the ball to “flare” or roll on a different surface each time it revolves. Bowling balls all have different densities. Some are centered heavy and some have the weight directed toward the cover. Bowling balls that are centered heavy are easier to roll. There are also three main types of grips: conventional, semi-finger tip, and finger tip. Beginner bowling balls begin with the conventional grip. This grip only allows the ring and middle fingers up to the first joint in the ball. Semi-finger tips center are drilled to center between the first and second joints of the fingers. It also creates less hook and more professionals use this type than the conventional finger grip. Finger tip grips provide a cleaner release and more lift but require more strength.

Why should I buy bowling balls for sale on Amazon or ebay?

Bowling balls for sale on Amazon and ebay are priced cheaper than they would be elsewhere. Amazon also has a return policy that allows you to return unopened items sold and fulfilled within 30 days for a full refund. They also allow multiple bowling ball retailers to compete on the site bringing the market prices even lower. Bowling balls for sale on Amazon are customizable and you can compare them on the spot. You can also read previous customers reviews to see which bowling balls for sale are going to be the ones that best fit your bowling style.

There are hundreds of types of bowling balls each available with personalized customization from Amazon and ebay. You can have bowling balls with swirls, solid colors, three finger holes, five finger holes, no finger holes, customized finger holes, conventional finger grips, semi-finger grips, finger grips, heavy weighted, surface weighted, urethane, reactive resin, plastic, a ten-pin, a five-pin, a candlepin, monogrammed, or plain. No matter what type of bowling ball you buy, you want to make sure it’s one you’re comfortable using.

By ordering from the different kinds of bowling balls for sale from Amazon, you’ll be able to make more informed decision about which bowling ball you want to buy.